My wife holds a valid H4 Visa. She came to the US in Aug-2014. We had personal issues and left the US on Nov-2014. We have exchanged emails stating that we can’t live together until all the issues are resolved. She suddenly came to the US without any notice to me and called me from the airport. She forced me to pick her up. She threatened she would go to cops if I didn’t come to pick her up. She then created a scene in the airport which attracted few members from an NGO who took her with them. I came to know of the issue and contacted them and we met at a restaurant and then I offered stay in a Hotel. I really didn’t want to disturb anyone. I wanted her to go back to India because we cannot live together until the issues are resolved but she wouldn’t. Can you please advise me on what I should do?


It appears that you should contact a family practice attorney. It is possible that you don’t actually need to get a divorce, but you both could benefit from counseling etc.. However, anytime that a major action is contemplated such as a divorce, there could be immigration consequences. I would advise you to run this situation by your immigration attorney to make sure there aren’t any unexpected or unintended consequences. I hope his information has been helpful to you.

Good Luck!!!
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