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Immigration in Douglas, GA

Overview of the Texas Personal Injury Claim Process


Attorney – George F. McCranie IV

George McCranie has gained fame throughout Georgia for his success as a DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney and as a three-time Best-Selling Author. George works tirelessly to educate the public on DUI/Criminal Defense issues by answering online questions, by posting free reports, and creating/posting educational videos on his website. Since 2010, George has concentrated his practice in the areas of DUI/Criminal Defense & Family Immigration.


Everyone at the McCranie Law Firm was polite and they always got back to us when we called with questions. They also called to remind us of our upcoming Immigration appointments and called afterwards to ask how they went. Thank you to everyone who helped us!

5 Star Rated Attorney

Es de muy buena ayuda contar con personas muy capacitadas en este trabajo. Todos fueron muy amables y me atendieron bien. El abogado George McCranie es un buen abogado, a mi me ayudo en todo lo que pudo. Siempre contesto todas mis dudas y sus consejos en lo que fue mi caso, creo que siempre fue de lo mejor.

5 Star Rated Attorney

Queremos agradecerles por el gran cambio de vida que hicieron y nos guiaron a nuestra familia. Por mantenernos positivos siempre que íbamos ha su oficina. A la asistente Cindy, porque aunque fuimos clientes con muchas preguntas siempre estuvo allí contestándonos. Les agradecemos de todo corazón.

5 Star Rated Attorney

All service provided was EXCELLENT. I would recommend your firm to any and all who need help. Thank You!

5 Star Rated Attorney

I just want to say thanks to all the people here at the law firm for helping me with my case.

5 Star Rated Attorney

Estoy muy satisfecha y agradecida por todos sus servicios, muchas gracias.

Antonia Ramírez
5 Star Rated Attorney

Highly Recommend
As a college student we tend to stray and commit mistakes thinking its cool, well it’s not cool. I had to come to George McCranie with a very tough situation in where my future could have been badly hurt. I hired George McCranie due to the knowledge he and his staff had over this situation.

5 Star Rated Attorney

Highly Recommend
The staffs were great and answered all my questions and were very polite to me. George McCranie had my case reduced, which is great because it won’t affect my future as I continue my education. I would recommend George for any legal advise!!

5 Star Rated Attorney

I came here very worried about going to jail and having these charges put on my record for the rest of my life, but after a long and hard fought case Mr. George called giving me the best news possible, all charges were dismissed.

5 Star Rated Attorney

There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. McCranie is the best DUI lawyer in South Ga and I have zero complaints of the services, staff, or anything for that matter. Everyone was very nice, professional, assuring, and very helpful. So from the bottom of my heart thank you McCranie Law Firm for everything y’all have done.

5 Star Rated Attorney

Mr. McCranie and his staff were an absolute delight to work with. They kept me informed with every little detail. He went over and beyond for me and in the end turned out for the best outcome I could have asked for! I would recommend him and his practice to anyone especially if you want great results!

5 Star Rated Attorney

Satisfied client! I pray we do not need you any time in the future, but if we do, we will definitely call again! Thank you and your staff for all of your hard work!

5 Star Rated Attorney

I was very pleased with my outcome. I wouldn’t trust anyone other than George McCranie!

5 Star Rated Attorney

Once I told the officer I was represented by McCranie Law Firm, I was treated with respect. Previously I was treated unfairly and questioned without an attorney. I felt confident that Mr. McCranie would do everything possible to get me the best result. In a small town, I am an easy target, even when I am not doing anything wrong. It really is good to have George as my attorney!

5 Star Rated Attorney

My encounter with you and your office has taught me that there remain lawyers out there who continue to provide the very best legal services and who are a model for what the rest of the profession should become. Please keep up the good work! And thanks again for the excellent job that you did on my case.

5 Star Rated Attorney

McCranie Law Firm was not only helpful and supportive but they were not intimidating. George McCranie and assistants were all kind yet stern. They were knowledgeable and professional which made me feel very comfortable to ask any questions and trust them to be supportive and take the steps needed for the legal matters at hand. I am very thankful for McCranie Law Firm and am happy with the results. I would recommend their services to anyone!

5 Star Rated Attorney

Great lawyer, nice man! Very nice staff. I would advise people to use George McCranie if they want to win!!

5 Star Rated Attorney


Douglas, GA

Phone: (912) 385-4776
Address: 301 E Jackson St #1, Douglas, GA 31533

Valdosta, GA

Phone: (229) 232-4114
Address: 202 W Park Ave, Valdosta, GA 31602

Tifton, GA

Phone: (229) 800-4052
Address: 118 E 3rd St Tifton, GA 31794

Office Locations:

Douglas, GA & Valdosta, GA

McCranie DUI/Criminal Defense Website
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