Claiming U.S. Citizenship Based on Parentage

Some individuals may be unaware that they have a claim to U.S. Citizenship based on parentage. For example, a person born on outside of the United States to U.S. citizen parent(s) may have already derived citizenship through his parent(s), and may be eligible to obtain a Certificate of Citizenship to show documented proof of his U.S. Citizenship status.

The citizenship or green card lawyer at George McCranie Law Firm, can help you to assemble and file an Application for Certificate of Citizenship (Form N-600) with the USCIS, based on biological, adoptive or naturalized U.S. citizen parentage.

You may claim U.S. citizenship through:

  • A U.S. Citizen mother, or a U.S. Citizen father
  • Both U.S. Citizen Parents
  • A U.S. Citizen Adoptive Parent
  • One or more foreign-born parents, who have become Naturalized U.S. Citizens

Applying for U.S. Citizenship for a Minor Child

U.S. Citizen Parent can apply for U.S. Citizenship on behalf of his or her minor child, including:

  • A biological child
  • An adopted child

Difficulties in Claiming Citizenship

The Application for Certificate of Citizenship, Form N-600, can be terribly difficult to navigate without experienced legal assistance. Failure to meet specific qualifications, or to provide evidence of citizenship, may cause the USCIS to reject your application.

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