What will my punishment be for a first offense for possession of marijuana less than an ounce & a speeding ticket?

I’ve never been charged or arrested for anything before in my life & it’s my first offense. I’m 18.


First the BAD NEWS: If you are convicted of these charges you will lose your Georgia Driver’s License for a minimum of 6 months! Your question doesn’t go into specifics on the speeding charge but the Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana will suspend your license for 6 months! And please understand – a Misdemeanor Marijuana possession suspension is a HARD SUSPENSION. That means that there are NO PERMITS to drive for any reason!

Now the GOOD NEWS: Because it is your first time being charged it is quite possible that you would qualify for a Conditional Discharge or Pretrial Diversion Program. I would advise you to hire the best criminal defense attorney that is available to you in order to get the best result possible. Remember – if you simply plead guilty to these charges you will face a Hard Suspension of your driver’s license! I hope this information is helpful to you!!! Good Luck!!

George McCranie