Question: I’ve been a U.S. Permanent Resident since 1992. I’m married to a U.S. Citizen and we have 2 girls, 1 1/2, and 4 1/2. I have always worked and paid my taxes. I have 3 DUIs. 2001, 2009, 2015. I’m waiting to go to court for last one and already have a criminal lawyer. What am I facing as far as my green card goes? It expires in 2023. If I’m found guilty for this third DUI will I be put in deportation process? Can I still travel outside the country without getting detained on the way back? I went to see a immigration lawyer in Jonesboro and he told me I have nothing to worry about as far as renewing my green card but I’m still a little paranoid, scared. Is he right? Please help, I’m losing a lot of sleep over this. I’m a good parent and husband just made bad decisions in my life.

Answer: Because you are a Legal Permanent resident (Green Card Holder) the DUIs should not affect your status. As a side note – You could be eligible to adjust your status and begin the Naturalization (N-400) process. If you are interested in becoming a US citizen you should check with an immigration attorney to see if you qualify at this time. DUI is not considered a “Crime of Moral Turpitude” and should not cause you any issues. However, if you were applying for the newly enacted executive action programs a DUI conviction could very well cause you to be disqualified. I would suggest that you concentrate on addressing your alcohol issues and defending yourself on the pending criminal charges. Good Luck!
George McCranie