Arrest: Understanding Your Rights as a Non-Citizen in Georgia

If you are a lawful permanent resident or foreign national and suddenly find yourself arrested by local police, it is vitally important to seek legal representation before talking to police, or taking a plea.

An arrest or criminal conviction can seriously jeopardize your ability to naturalize, to petition for other family members, or to renew your green card. Worse yet, you can be placed in mandatory ICE detention and find yourself facing deportation proceedings.

What you say today to a police officer or judge can be used against you in the court of law which can cut off avenues for future immigration success. If you find yourself in this position, call a reputable immigration and deportation defense lawyer immediately. The team at the George McCranie Law Firm are experienced in complex immigration matters involving criminal charges, convictions and immigration. We also represent defendants if you or your family member are facing criminal charges.

Your Constitutional Right to Protect Yourself

If you are a non-citizen and are arrested by a law enforcement officer, you have the same constitutional rights as a native-born or naturalized citizen to protect yourself during police questioning. The arresting officer must advise you of your 5th Amendment Constitutional Rights against self-incrimination during a Miranda Warning.

During arrest, you have the Constitutional Right to:

  • Remain Silent – do not tell the officer anything but your name. Anything else you say can be used against you in a criminal, civil or immigration court case.
  • Ask to See a Lawyer – soon after you are arrested or booked, you may make a phone call. If the phone call is to your attorney, the police may not listen in.
  • Have an Attorney Appointed for You, if you cannot afford one (in criminal cases only)

If the police ask you any questions, you are not obligated to answer. Politely but firmly ask to see an attorney. Do not waive any of your rights or sign anything while in custody, without speaking to the team at the George McCranie Law Firm, first.

Immigration Sweeps

Many non-citizen immigrants, who are detained and deported, have been thrown into jail due to misdemeanors or routine traffic violations, and not because of DUI or felony charges.

Under a 1996 federal law, local police and correction officers can be trained and deputized by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE), to check for immigration status and to detain immigration law offenders during the course of normal law-enforcement activity.

Some people feel that the controversial law is unduly harsh, allowing police to unfairly target areas heavily populated by undocumented aliens during immigration sweeps.

Our Commitment: Legal Protection and Defense For You and Your Family

Our desire is to protect your legal interests, release you from detention, and defend you against the potential threat of removal (deportation) from the country. Act now to preserve your legal rights.

If you have been taken into custody, either by local police or by ICE, please call our team at the George McCranie Law Firm. Our firm handles criminal defense, deportation defense and family immigration matters. We will take your call day at 912-383-7581.


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