How likely is jail time after first DUI with no criminal record?
Let’s say things may not be in my favor due to evidence (Just for instance). I May not be sure of my sobriety test results, as well as blood test. The sobriety test may have made me look silly because of nervousness. Is there still a chance?


I understand that you are unsure of any defenses that you may have and believe that you have a very difficult case to win. This is your first time being charged with a crime and it may seem like the world is caving in on you. My advice would be to set up a meeting with the best DUI defense attorney that is available to you and go over your case in detail. I have had many cases where the Client thought that they were facing a “no win” situation. However, after investigating their cases I either had the charge reduced from a DUI or even dismissed because of a fatal flaw in the states case. You don’t have any experience or training in Defending a DUI charge, talk to an experienced DUI defense attorney that does!!! Don’t just roll over and be convicted of a DUI – it will be on your Criminal History for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! I am attaching my video about 5 questions to ask an attorney before you hire them to represent you on a DUI charge. I hope it helps in your search for the best attorney for you.

Good Luck!!!

George McCranie –