Question: I am in the USA from last 65 days on visit visa. My wife had applied immigrant petition for me. It is in process. I do have valid visa and with the valid visa, legally entered in USA with legal i94. I have intentions to apply for social security and get denial or refusal letter. I know on visit visa I cannot get SSN. Please guide me. Is there any penalty if I do so because after immigrant process completed I will go again for SSN.

Answer: I don’t see the point in filing for a SSN when you know that you will be DENIED. You best option would be to wait until your Adjustment of Status is processed. Because your wife applied to change your Immigrant status, you should receive your EAD approximately 60-90 days after filing for the Adjustment of Status. I would recommend that you wait to file for a SSN until you receive your EAD. I hope this information is helpful to you.
George McCranie