Can i apply for asylum? What is my chances to get it?

I am an international student with F1 visa. I have been in the USA for 3 years, and now things changed in my country. I cannot go back to my country Yemen because there is war in my country that destroyed everything. My father who is my sponsor there cannot support me anymore. His business in Yemen is not working. I cannot go back to my country.


You should understand that an attorney cannot evaluate the strength of your Asylum case in this type of online forum. An in-depth and detailed in person consultation with an immigration attorney is the best way to have your case evaluated.

Based on the information provided in your question I can give you an idea of some of the requirements for a successful petition for asylum. In order to file for Asylum a petitioner must show that they have a real and credible fear of returning to their home country due to persecution by their country’s government. Simple financial difficulty faced by your family may not be enough to meet this burden. Additional facts that may be present in your case could be discovered during an in person consultation with an immigration attorney.

Because you have been in the U.S. for 3 years, you are outside of the 1 year requirement to file for asylum. In order to file once the 1 year limit has passed you will have to show Exceptional Circumstances in your specific case. Filing an asylum action is a very fact specific and technically complicated process that is made even more difficult by the Exceptional Circumstances requirement.

Please be advised that this is just a few of the requirements that need to be proven in order to have a successful asylum case. I would advise you to have an in person consultation with an immigration attorney to determine the specific grounds that you have to apply for asylum in the U.S..

Good Luck!!!
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